Via Stelloni, 12b
City: Sala Bolognese
Province: (BO)
Zip: 40010
Tel.: +39/051/681/4161
Fax: +39/051/681/4300

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Established in the late seventies, Eurozappa S.p.A is the undisputed leader in the production of hoes, spare parts and components for milling machines, engine-driven cultivators, engine-driven cultivators, engine-driven hoes, farming machinery and gardening machinery in general. Its dynamic, young structure, the professionalism of its staff and its receptiveness to market trends have made Eurozappa S.p.A., now more than ever, a productive structure, that in over 42,000 square meters of factory produces and markets a wide assortment of agricultural equipment and forged items for earth moving machines and motor vehicles in general.

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